The Top Casinos Las Vegas

The popular Sin City is home to a number of modern and well recognized casinos, but when visiting the town, it can be difficult to determine the best spots for entertainment. When looking for the top casinos Las Vegas, the following guide will detail ways to ensure you get the experience of a lifetime. From the impressive Stratosphere casino and the striking Mirage to the glitz and glamor of Caesars Palace, there is something for everyone.

mandalay bay

Mandalay Bay is a combination of a resort and a casino that is located along the popular Vegas strip. Offering exceptional nightlife activities, the over 12 000 square foot casino offers gambling including poker and fun at the tables. With over 1700 slot machines you will find endless entertainment while surrounded by sheer sophistication and a beautiful relaxed atmosphere.

Palms Casino is smaller than the more popular hotels and entertainment centers on the strip, but does not compromise on its promise of quality. With 3 stories to explore, there is no shortage of things to do from the traditional table games to a complete basketball court and higher end suites. Play some cards, take a shot at the slots or simply relax and unwind in one of the resorts.

The impressive Mirage was built in 1989 recognized as one of the older facilities in the city. With its impressive gold sheen on the exterior, the interior is just as striking including various features that all travelers can enjoy including an extensive aquarium, exotic garden, and poolside pleasure. The large size of this building provides many different machines and games that can be indulged on a regular basis.

A more recent construction includes the New York New York Casino displaying the perfect replica of the Statue of Liberty in front of the resort. With its beautiful design, the casino hotel is not only luxurious, but offers a fair number of gaming activities that will keep you entertained. This casino can be found on the south end of Vegas offering a true taste of the Big Apple.

Treasure Island has received favorable ratings as being a quality casino and obtained top ratings in service delivery. Its tower style construction is 112 m in height, but its most distinguishing feature is the large skeleton pirate displayed in the front. It has received much attention for its unique style and characteristic, but still provides a fair number of entertainment and game nights.

The most popular and luxurious of hotels along the major strip is Caesars Palace spanning across 15 000 square meters. A large and exotic crafted waterfall in the front to welcome guests. Known for its over the top entertainment, it is a must see and if you are planning a day or weekend trip, book a suite for the night and explore the slots, tables and other machines.

A trip to the strip offers many choices for travelers interested in a quick spin of the wheel of fortune or time spent at the poker table. Many of the casinos include resort and hotel accommodation. Planing your stay has never been easier than choosing top rated entertainment.