Which Las Vegas Casino Is The Biggest

Vegas is one of the most glamorous cities in the world presenting a number of modern and traditional casinos along its famous strip. While the region is known for its celebrity status, it hosts some of the largest casinos that can be visited when traveling to the town. The following answers the question, which Las Vegas casino is the biggest.

Wynn Las Vegas

Starting off with some of the smaller venues, Caesars Palace is on the top of the list measuring just under 125 000 ft. This is one of the most popular entertainment facilities in the city with its impressive structure and surrounds, it is often thought of as the larger casinos. There are many other casinos that are much bigger offering a great deal more deck, wheels and table games.

The Orleans Hotel and Casino is 137 000 square feet just topping Caesars Palace. Located along the strip, this venue is known for its exuberant entertainment including evening shows sure to set positive impressions and leave lasting memories. Should you wish to rest, the hotel offers a wide range of accommodation to ensure that your needs are catered for with easy access to the rest of this facility.

MGM Grand is most impressive at an average 153 000 square feet including a number of machines and activities you can enjoy during your stay. Located towards the southern end in the strip, this Vegas venue offers suite exclusivity making for a truly VIP experience. It has been recognized as possessing the greatest number of gaming machinery providing players with a more extensive and impressive range to choose from.

Mandalay Bay measures 160 000 squares offering a number of enjoyable activities whether you wish to spend the night at the tables or within the many suites. This popular venue has housed some of the greatest international artists and is one of the more well known casinos of this region. From quality restaurants and opportunities at the tables to superior accommodation, there is certainly something for everyone.

Sunset Station is just over 162 000 square feet and while it is not among the most popular casinos in the city, it certainly offers impressive features. This striking building has incorporated a number of entertaining options to keep guests interested while providing the chance to experience true luxury and sophistication. The extensive size means you can explore for days on end.

The largest casino is the Wynn Las Vegas coming in around 187 000 square feet. This extensive entertainment venue provides guests with superior accommodation, nightlife, modern amenities and even the chance to host a wedding or conference owing to its size and sophistication. Elegance and sheer luxury come to mind when describing the building ensuring the time of your life.

The largest casinos offer its guests exceptional experiences from the thrill of the tables to restaurants and evening shows. When visiting the strip, a trip to these venues will provide unique encounters and add to your bucket list of places to see. Whether you wish to pop in for the night or stay for a few days, many of these casinos also provide luxury accommodation.